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 A Miscrian Adventure (Chapter 1-12)

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PostSubject: A Miscrian Adventure (Chapter 1-12)   Sat Dec 26, 2015 7:29 pm

Chapter 1
Hi. My name is Ed am I'm 15 years old. You can say that I'm just a normal teenager. But that's where you're wrong.
One day, I got bored of playing Agario. So I started to search for a new game. And that's when I stumbled upon a game called 'Miscrits: World of Creatures'. A black screen. Nothing. Nothing but 3 words on the screen. 'Click to play'. And that's how it all began.

Chapter 2
The first thing I remembered was grass. Where was I? It looked like a forest to me. Beside me, I found a backpack. Inside, I found 100 of what appeared to be emeralds with the letter 'M' carved into it, 50 of what looked like platinum and some gold coins. This place was very weird. And then it got even weirder. A man ran towards me and called out my name. 'How do you know my name?' I asked. 'You are the chosen one!' he replied. 'The what now?' 'Let me explain. According to our prophecy, a man not from this world will come to save us all from Apollo Nox and bring freedom and balance to the world of Miscria,' he said. 'You lost me at prophecy, and who the heck is Epilo Nex? Is he a German football star?' Yes, I know. I'm not really, *ahem*, smart. 'Oh my God, First of all it's Apollo Nox! A-poe-low N-ox! And he's not a football star! He's the on3 y0u 3u5t d3f31t t77...' *Yawn* Boring! Can I just go home already? And what kind of game is this? 'Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes'? 'Hey! Wake up, you poophead! I'm not done giving you a 50 hour lecture on what a Miscrit is and making you freaking die of boredom!' Oh boy, this was going to be a LONG day.
'Can you just skip to the part where you give me free stuff and get me the heck outta here?' I said. 'Fine! Take this Flue and get lost! You obviously don't need my help. You think you can just wreck the town and get outta this game? Well, it ain't that easy!'
Sheesh... some Forest Guard you are...

Chapter 3
Oh gosh, I wish I listened. All I wanted to do is go home and now I have no idea how. Just great. I decided to ask the first person I see. And of course, EVERYONE knew my name! "Ed! I found a few Treemurs over there! Hope you catch one!" she said. "What's a Treemur?" I asked. "It's a Miscrit!" "What's a Miscrit?" "Didn't the Forest Guard explain everything?" she asked. "Heh heh... You see, umm..." "What did you do?!" "Nothing! Nothing... Hey, um.. I gotta go... umm... to the umm... the place... So, bye!" I didn't want to get in trouble or even let the whole town know I angered the guard.
As I walked out of the forest, I saw the guard again. "Oh, if it isn't the guy who can defeat Apollo Nox with a level one Flue! I hope you figured everything out, even the most CLUELUSS guy would have gotten a Hotfoot by now. Oh, you didn't? Well, enjoy your new home! Hahahahaha!" Oh God was he creepy!

Chapter 4
I decided to have a nice, peaceful walk around town. But of course, I couldn't when everyone was staring at me and my Flue. I needed new Miscrits.
I walked into a 'Miscrit Shop'. "Hey! Ed!" Seriously, they treat me like a celebrity here! "What chu want? No, wait! I have JUST the thing! It just arrived this morning! Apparently, someone sliced the head off of a Blazertooth and stitched it onto a Jenezap. Painful, I know, but she's a powerful one! Man, if I know it would be that powerful, I would start slicing Elite Cadbunnies and Elite Lyeogryphs! Get yours now for only 199 Miscrit Gems!" "Miscrit Gems?" I wasn't sure what they were exactly but I know I HAD to have some. "You know, green things with an M carved into it, kinda looks like an emerald when you thing about it!" And I had exactly 100 in my backpack. "I only have 100... Anything else?" "Well, how about a Dark Hotfoot?" "Hmm... Ooh! What are these?" I saw something. And it was moving. Two boxes. One green. One red. I knew there had to be something in there! "Oh, that... That's a Miscrit Pack! Each pack contains 5 Miscrits! And it's a real bargain! It's only 50 gems and you could get a Legenday! We, obviously, don't pack them here. If we did, we'd shove 3 Cubsprouts and 2 Flues in there!" I knew what I was gonna buy! "I'll take two!" "You're lucky, those were the last two, gonna need to order 50 more from my supplier!"
I opened the top. And you'll never believe what I found!

Chapter 5
Right when I opened my first pack, I KNEW these packs were worth it. I got a Squirmle, a Drowsie, a Crackles and 2 other Miscrits. "Wow, great pack you got there! Why do I even sell those? I could get 300 Gems for selling everything in that pack! Oh and you got a LEGENDARY?" He told me that Elite Turkniss and Helyon were worth at least 10 packs. Oh gosh, I was so happy I could have almost stepped on my Helyon and killed it! And it only gets better. Second pack. The green one. I opened the top. And I almost fainted. Hippoke, Orcatide, Queeble, Patchkin and... The Miscrit. The one the shopkeeper was selling for 199 Miscrit Gems. I got her. Blazerzap. "YOU GOT A FREAKING BLAZERZAP?! John! Didn't I tell you to take out all the Blazerzaps so I could sell them?" "What did you just say?" I asked. "Oh. Um. No. I mean. No. Things. Nothing. Nothing. Enjoy your pack. Heh. Heh." I said nothing. I just went out of the shop before he could do anything about it.

Chapter 6
Now that I have Miscrits, I need answers. What am I doing here? What am I supposed to do to get out?! Once again, I decided to ask somebody. I asked the smartest-looking guy I could find. He looked like a scholar who spends his time standing by six pole things. "Why am I here?" I asked, hoping to get answers this time. He replied, "I don't want to bore you with the details too much, you know what with the Forest Guard incident and what not..." "How did you... Nevermind. Carry on." "Right... Basically, a person wants power and to take over the world of Miscria and yadda yadda yadda so you have to defeat him to save our land yadda yadda yadda and he made 6 Elementums to keep you from defeating him yadda yadda and you must defeat yadda yadda and all that," he said. "And how do I do that?" I asked, being a dumb dumb and what not. "With Miscrits, obviously. You must level them up and train them to be more powerful. The more you use them in combat or battle the stronger they become. Every few levels it will learn a new, stronger ability to use. Every 10 levels, it will evolve and become more powerful and ferocious. Miscrits are divided into 7 groups, Nature, Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Lightning and Dual. I don't want to tell you too much because you already look like you've been awake for 2 days and fell down 5 stories but each element has a weakness and a strength. Oh and by the way, Magicites are on Apollo's team. Don't "make friends" unless you're willing to get *ahem* rekt and pwned when you least expect it. You're free to explore the Forest, Mt. Gemma, Sunfall Shores, The Mansion, The Shack and Volcano Island. Once you're strong enough, you'll unlock places such as Aerobia and Dawn's Landing and maybe even The Cave of Mists and The Miscrian Temple if you successfully bribe them. Believe me, they won't even let ME in! Anyway, good luck!"
Well, now I know what to do. Bad news? It's gonna be at least 2 years before I see home again...

Chapter 7
After getting all the information I needed, I quickly changed my team to Elite Turkniss, Helyon, Blazerzap and Patchkin. Then, I headed over to the Battle Arena. "Hi! Is this where I battle?" I asked. "What are you doing here? This is the platinum arena! Talk to the lady on your right for the regular arena." "What's a Platinum Arena and how do I get in?" I asked him. "The platinum arena is a special arena designed for level 35 Miscrits, the person who wins gets 6 platinum and the person who loses gets a consolation of 1 to 4 platinum depending on how many Miscrits he or she has defeated." "Oh, I'll come back when I'm ready!"
"Hi, can I enter a battle please? Thanks." "Head in here and let the battle begin!"
"Welcome back to the SK Battle Arena! Today we have for you a really interesting battle! A team of 2 Exotics and 2 Legendaries versus a team of 1 Epic and 3 Legendaries! Who will win? Let's find out!" said the announcer. It was my first time in the arena and I had no idea what to do. "You look nervous," a person told me, "Your first time?" he asked. "Yeah. I really have no idea how this arena works," I said. "Well it's simple, a Miscrit has 2 abilities at level 1. Right?" "Yeah. I guess?" "You tell your Miscrit what to do by saying the ability name. Right now, looks like your E. Turkniss has Cinders and Shields Up. You might want to enchant those abilities. To do that, you have to spend some coins or platinum and bring it to the trainer. Anyway, good luck bro!"
"First set of Miscrirs, an Elite Turkniss and a Hoopty!"
"And Elite Turkniss gets the first move!"
I shouted, "Turkniss! Cinders!"
"Hoopty has 3 Health remaining!"
My opponent screamed, "Hoopty! Enchanted Crumble!"
"Elite Turkniss has 2 Health remaining!"
It pretty much kept going on like that. Until...
"And with 1 health remaining, Elite Pamboo is still alive!"
My opponent threw a potion at his Elite Pamboo , "Elite Pamboo ! Catch!"
"Elite Pamboo has gained 10 health!"
I was confused and frustrated. "What?! The?! Freaking?! Hell?! What was that?" "Dude, no need to be so mad, that was a healing potion, you are allowed to bring them into the arena but you can't use the same potion twice. You can get them for coins at the Items and Relics shop next to the Miscrit Shop."
I screamed, hoping to win, "Patchkin! Vines!"
"AND PATCHKIN DOES IT... ONE HIT KO, Elite Pamboo is down! Thanks for coming to the arena everyone, come again!"
"Whoa, my Miscrits are growing." "They're leveling up!"
I couldn't wait for the next battle so I could see how much damage I do now. But it was starting to become night. And I needed to sleep somewhere and it's not gonna be in the forest, that's for sure!

Chapter 8
I started to walk around the village. Maybe I could find a house to sleep in for the night or ask someone if they had a spare room. I found a house near the Wishing Well. "Hello? Anyone home? Wow. Nice home! Who's house is this? Is that MY name on the wall?! Did they build me a house?! Wow. Just. Wow. Well, I guess I'm just gonna... *yawn*" ZzzzzzzzzzzzzZzzzzzzzZzzzzzzZzzzz....
The next morning, I decided to explore a bit more. I found a Healing Chapel near the scholar. At least now I knew Miscrits could be healed. If they couldn't, no Blazerzap could even reach level 5! "Hello? Is this where I heal my Miscrits?" "Yes... Come here." The healer rubbed my Miscrits with some yellow dust and soaked each of them in one of the tubs behind him. "How does healing work?" I asked. "Well you see, the dust makes their essences react to their respective elements. For example, after putting the dust on, Elite Turkniss will heal once put in fire. The dust also makes it so it is temporary immune to it's element. The dust is illegal in Battle Arena unless made into a Negate Element potion. Anyway, here you go! Come back soon OK?" "Will do!" I said, exiting the chapel. I went to the forest to capture more Miscrits. But I accidentally got myself into a Magicite fight. And he was nothing like my opponent in the arena.

Chapter 9
"You must be Ed! I've been waiting for you!" he said. "Oh, yea, the scholar told me all about you! Just get lost unless you want to face me." Ok, fine. I was a BIT cocky. Ok, fine. Very cocky. "Oh, let's see how strong you really are! Let's fight!"
"Dark Cinders!"
"Turkniss! Cinders!"
"Hehahahahaha! Swipe!"
"Oh no, Elite Turkniss! Helyon! Debaser!"
"Really? That all you got? Hit!"
"Helyon! Ok, that's it! Blazerzap! Burn!"
"Hehahaha! You're so puny! Dark Cinders!"
"Blazerzap! NOO! Patchkin! Vines!"
"Oh, really? VINES? You think you can defeat me?! Dark Cinders!"
"Come back when you're ready!"
I knew I would be back. Next time you see me, I'll one shot you! Just you wait!
I knew for sure if I wanted to beat the crap outta that guy, I had to get stronger. So, I went for a few more fights in the arena. After a few fights... "Whoa! What's happening! Elite Turkniss! Are you... glowing? Hello? Turk?" Right as I approached her, she almost smacked me in the face. "Is that a new ability! That is so cool! Do it again!" And then, it started happening to all of them! I continued battling, on the way, I learned 1 more ability and evolved them once. Last stop, the item shop. I need to get some potions!
"Hello? This were I get the green water thing?"
"What the heck are you... oh... I get it. Here, 100 gold!"
"100 gold?! Seriosuly? Wow."
I still bought it though. Get ready Magicite, here I come!

Chapter 10
"Back for more already? Haven't you had enough defeat for one day?" I didn't want to listen. He's starting to be very annoying at this point. "Oh whatever, let's just fight already! And believe it or not, this fight was actually quite easy! Elite Turkniss did 30 damage in one hit! But that Magicite still would not give up."Helyon, finish him!" And just like that, the enemy has been defeated. But this is just the first of the 33 bosses I had to defeat. And this wasn't even an Elementum, let alone Apoli Nexxy or whatever his name is. I had to keep training. Training. Until one day I will be strong enough and emerge victorious. But for now, I'm just gonna call it a day.

Chapter 11
I got up the next day and decided to keep exploring Sunfall Kingdom, I haven't seen much of this town really. Maybe I'll even catch a few Miscrits. Just when I started walking, I found a place near the training area. "Do you have any Miscrits with spots?" a person asked me. "Spots?" She replied, "Spot are very fashion- nevermind." She looked a bit different from the other people in this town. And don't even get me started on her attitude. "Who are you?" "I am offended you have not heard of me! I am the one and only Brash! I hail from a city near the southern edge of Miscria! I am known for my excellent skills in Miscrit breeding and quite popular in the fashion world if I do say so myself." Umm, I'm kinda new to this whole Miscrits thing, how in the world would I know her? But of course I couldn't say THAT to her face. I can't have another person I can't speak to just because I said something. Now that I think about it, that Forest Guard must be having a GREAT time standing around all day. "Hello? You there? You just gonna stand there like a Petrified Owlie?" Did she just call me an Owlie?! Wait, what is an Owlie? "You know what? I'm just gonna go now." "Come back here if you want to breed! I mean breed Miscrits! And don't touch that Light Nibbles will you? She's very sensitive!"
Right... Moving on.

Chapter 12
I continued my walk through Sunfall Kingdom. It wasn't far until I saw a big mansion. "Whoa, cool place! Who's the rich guy who lives here?" I asked the guard. "This mansion belongs to the Miscrit Collector! This is where she lives and not long ago she has opened it to the public. You can go inside if you want and you can even catch some Miscrits! Some of which you can't get anywhere else! And you can even find the first dual element Miscrit ever discovered but it's quite hard to find her. I wonder why she would be even letting us search her mansion, I mean she is a collector right? Anyway, have a good day!" I went in the mansion and of course, as I expected, it was freaking huge! There were statues everywhere! And shelves full of relics and crates from a place called Arobeeya? Aerubio? No, Aerobia. That's right! But the attic was a bit creepy. A bit demonic actually. I mean, who has cages and skeletons in their attic? Anyway, I decided to start searching a bit, and maybe if I was lucky I would get a Nanaslug. However, today wasn't my lucky day but I did get a Vhisp, a Dark Hydroseal and an Aria. That's three more for my collection! By the time I was searching the attic for a Nanaslug, it was getting dark. I would come back another day. But before that, I need to get serious. If I'm ever gonna get outta here, it had to start defeating Elementums. But before that, I need to at least get a level 35 team. Apilli Nelx, I'm coming for you. You just wait.

CHAPTER 13 - CHAPTER 24 is coming soon!
Current progress: Writing Chapter 17
Estimated Release: January 2016
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A Miscrian Adventure (Chapter 1-12)
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