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 Alice in Miscria - Attack of the Nanaslugs! Chapter 1 - Deja Vu

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PostSubject: Alice in Miscria - Attack of the Nanaslugs! Chapter 1 - Deja Vu   Sat Dec 26, 2015 4:40 pm

Exclamation DISCLAIMER:This story includes tons of graphical language, excessive violence and a tiny bit erotic stuff too. All of this is purely fictional to make the characters act more realistic in both their attitude and behavior, nothing of it is intended to harm real life people and I asked for approval from the Admins/Moderators of this forum before I submitted this. If you're scared of blood and gore or feel very offended by cussing you should NOT read the story. Exclamation



You know, this isn't really the first day of my adventure, but it was the first day of strange things.  After driving for a few days through cities and jungle I lost my orientation and ended up in the desert. I really didn't know where I have been, all I could see was a straight road which led me to nowhere and I was kinda scared because there was no single moron out there who could help me just in case my Jeep collapses. Ahh, not to forget I have been in a sandstorm, couldn't see shit except for the road. So I put in a CD and listened to some sweet death metal until I reach the next city and refuel my car. I didn't recognize anything in my daydreams and then......


I got shocked, lost control over my Jeep, moved into the ditch and my car turned on its roofside. After I realized what actually happened to me again, I recognized some ugly, huge bird sticking on the windshield of my car who was now as flat as a pancake.


It was a little strange though. After I crawled outside off my car and tried to remove the dead bird from my windshield he was still alive to my surprise. Moreover I have never seen a bird like this before. He looked like the American Eagle, with a white head and yellow peck, his wings were made of red and white feathers, his back was blue and his tail looked snake-like and kept sparkling like it was charged like new year’s fireworks and he had a big, yellow star on his chest.
However, I grabbed his long tail and threw him far away from my car.

What? Did I say something loud? Must have been my imagination. Sometimes I hear voices of my parents...that's nothing special. I took a small walk to get back to myself. I needed to cool down a bit and turn my car back on its tires. No idea if I even have the strength to do that on my own.


I looked right over there. That awful looking bird was talking to me. Begging for life...hahahaha. He destroyed my car, now I will die in the desert of nowhere. Great. Thanks.

"Shut up, you monster."

"Ahh, so you aren't deaf, human? Look at me. You broke my wing! THAT WILL BE MY END!!!

"Calm down, bird. You destroyed my car. It will be MY end."

"I can't cool down because..."

Hold on for a second…Isn’t something…..really, I mean…REALLY strange….????? I mean….


"I'm no 'normal bird', I'm a Miscrit."

"You are WHAT???

"A Miscrit."

"What the hell is a 'Miscrit'????"

"Don't move...."

„Wh-What??? Can you please explain me what that a flippin’ Mis-shit is or whatever it's called???“

"D-d-d-don't move and d-d-don't sp-sp-speak....."

And the speaking bird stood still. He looked liked made of glass and it seemed he wasn't even breathing any more. His view went as cold as ice like he has been dead while watching something behind us, when I turned around to see what it is and then saw what it has been I thought in that moment it will be the end of my life.

It was giant. At least 5 meters tall. A slug having green, slimy wings, a whitish bellyside, striking orange skin color on its back embellished by green stripes and red horns. It snuffled at my car, broke its windshield completely and snuffled inside. Then the beast grabbed it with its mighty jaw and threw it into the air for several times like it’s a toy. After that it continued snuffling, meanwhile I recognized that some smoke soared outta the engine.
This monster had an insane stink. It smelled like pee, rotten cadaver and puke. You could smell it from so far....I was around 15 meters away from my car and it was unbearable, I could feel the Cheeseburger from my last stop coming up again. I took some steps back to escape this thing and my car which apparently seemed to blow up soon.

"Listen Bird, we have to run."

„Are you crazy? If you move he will kill us. Nanaslugs can't see pretty well, but they can hear you moving." And stop talking if you want to survive."

"The car will explode."



"Not so loud he will hear...."

Suddenly the giant slug thingy turned around and looked at us. Thus it roared and wanted to fly into our direction but in that moment the car exploded. The first time I have been lucky in my life, wow, I couldn't believe it.

I didn't know how long I have been away but when I woke up it became night, it was not fully dark though because of the remaining fire coming out off the rest of my car. I was still at the same place, there was some mixture of blood and green slime sticking all over my body and the stink was awful. When I took a look up I saw the birdy fainted, the slug ripped in hundred parts and its intestines spread the whole street. It was obviously dead. I had absolutely no idea what to do, I guess looking for help is an option so I picked up that bird and walked down the road until I find someone or a house, a shop, anything. To be honest I doubted that I'll find something since I was laying there for the whole time, guess no one crossed my way yet after that accident. Should've known it as this is kinda common in the middle of the wasteland. Looking around is still better than just sit there and starve to death. I couldn't see pretty well because my eyes filled up with blood again and again which was dripping down from my head but I could see the outline of some canyon so I walked into that direction.  My mobile was broken so I couldn't call Julius to tell him what happened. Admit it, it hadn't worked in the desert no matter what anyways.
One thing I was really wondering about....I didn't know why I took the bird with me. He caused all that trouble and now I rescue him. I think I simply didn't want to let him end like my Mom and Dad. I'm not that mean.
I kinda want to know what he is, you ain't walking into a talking bird every day….

After an hour of walk with my weak legs I got finally rid off most of the slime and could hear my rescue coming. I was pretty sure to have heard the sound of a moped or similar. Indeed there came a buggy, driven by a guy who looked like a ranger. He worn a red uniform, ocher colored bermuda shorts and flip-flops, had short blonde hair and blue eyes like the perfect son-in-law.

"Hey, HEY!" He shouted at me, grabbed my shoulders and shook me hard. "What happened to you? You look like you’ve been attacked? You and your Freedom are pretty injured, sit down and let me check your wounds. You look awful. And why are you walking around inside the desert at night without anyone around you?! You know it's too dangerous!!!

"Ey, calm down man. That bird crashed against my car , I came off the road and then a giant slug thing appeared, it wanted to kill me and then the car exploded and I fainted and....."

He interrupted me.  " are not from here? So you don't know about it, I see. I will tell you later about this, pretty long story if you ask me. I will bring you to our village now to cure you and wash your clothes. You say it was a slug, right? Was it an orange one? Was it just one or more? By the way, if you're not from here where are you from?"

"I'm from Sydney, and yes, that slug thing was orange. And it was damn huge. I'm happy it was just one…don't tell me there are more of these guys out there. That would be pretty sick."

"Beep. Beep. Shhhhhhhhhrrrrtttttt...." Some noise coming out off the guys pocket interrupted our speech. Someone tried to reach him by Walkie-Talkie.

"Brian, your problems must wait we got an emergency here. I found some lonely girl in the desert while doing my daily patrol, she is injured and needs some help. A Freedom is with her. Obviously they have been attacked  by a Nanaslug. Cya later."

"What Freedom?"

"I will tell you about this, but first get some sleep and calm down a bit this day must have been very shocking for you and your Freedom. Ahh, before I forget, I'm Richie, one of the three rangers here in Miscria.

I knew he was a ranger, his ugly clothing made me speechless. He mentioned 'Nanaslug'…the bird said that, too. Looks like the Rich guy is quite familiar with those things. Gosh, I don't want to see another one. I feel like I've ended up in Jurassic Park….Alice, just don't keep thinking about it please. Stop thinking about it and you will be fine. Shit, I can’t.

After traveling on the road for a while we arrived in a small village made of a few self-built houses with thatched roofs. There is a tiny farm as well, a rotten radio tower, some outposts and a white stony building which looks like some kind of greek temple. The whole village is located in a valley surrounded by mountains. It's a flourishing place, the exact opposite of the desert I actually have been inside. The only way in and out was the road which led me here.

Richie guy brought me to his house, which actually only consists of 2 rooms, a big living room and a little separate bath. The bath is like a normal bath of a normal house, of course not that luxurious. God....the big room..... a disaster.  It has no real flooring, there are just doormats laying all over the place and it smells like dog really hard. White and green kitchen items to the left, a shabby pink couch to the right, a wooden desk in the middle and there was a small TV standing on it but it looked like from the 80's...pretty old and he didn't tidy up. Feng Shui looks quite different. You must have seen his face in that moment when I came in.... so awkward. As pale as the moon.

"I'm sorry for all my clothes on the floor. Guests are rarely seen at my house so I don't keep it that clean, as you can see, hehe… I will be out on my patrol again, so you can have my couch for this night."

I sat down and put the birdy on the desk. He has been asleep…or fainted. I don't know but I also don't care that much. The ranger dude seems to be familiar with these kind of animals..I imagine they must be some sort of failed experiments from researchers or victims of a virus, maybe even radiation or similar.

"I'm fine with that. Nevertheless I can't stay here for that long. First I don't want to rob your couch permanently, second I have to go to the next city and call my best friend. Or do you have any telephone connection here, Mr. Ranger?

"We got water, food, a bit of electricity and our homemade TV tower.  That's all we need. Mother Nature gives us everything we need. Phones are not needed we got our Walkie-Talkies and they also do not work here, if you want phone connection you have to get a few miles away from here closer to the cities, then you should barely have some but I can't guarantee it."

"Your 'Mother Nature' almost KILLED me!!!"

"You just don't know our kind of life because you are from the cities. You can't get away from here that easily. The next city is about 100 miles away. Tomorrow I will tell you everything about this place because it is indeed not as normal as other villages. As you might have recognized, you easily get killed if you're out by your lonesome. Furthermore we will go back to the place where your accident happened. We have to investigate the dead Nanaslug.

"As I expected you know those....things?"

"Yes, they're quite common in this area and they're very aggressive by nature. If you like to find out more about them, I can show you the Museum of Miscria. The other rangers and I are doing researches on things you think of as 'strange' or 'weird'. We investigate the corpses of the Nanaslugs to find out where they came from. They were actually friendly, but one day they attacked us with no reason and until now we didn't figure out their reasons yet and why their attitude changed so drastically. My grandfather has been killed by a Nanaslug and so were many other villagers. What's your name by the way?"

"I'm Alice."

"You're kidding."


I hate my name. There are so many movies and songs about Alice. People tend to laugh about it a lot.

Okay, summarized for my brain: 100 miles away? Holy shit, I travelled pretty far. Ok, I traveled too far maybe…well, I did travel waaaaay too far. Mistakes are made. I need to get a new mobile and a new car but neither do I have the money or is a place here where I can buy one and currently going out seems to be way too dangerous so I'm kinda scared as well. After what I saw there is no reason not to be. That slug was real. It wasn't just a dream. People got actually killed by those things.

"Alice, please do us one favor. Every single footstep you do can be important for our research. All people who live in this village own a diary and whenever anything happens you think of that it might be important then write it down. This way, we have been able to track the origin of many Miscrits in the past and their unique powers."


"Yes, power.  I have to go now. Take care of your diary, it will contain more and more information with each day which can lead us into chaos if it's ever read by the wrong person. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I do".

And then he handed a very huge book to me, it was brown and got a yellow "M" on its front page. Yes, I mean you. So I searched between Richie's clothes until I found a pen, and started writing.
Now I'm sitting here with bad feelings and I'm babbling things you may even not understand. I partly don't understand them myself nor what Richie means with 'chaos' if I loose you to some other troll. All I know is that the ranger wants me to talk with a book. Okay, I have nobody else to talk with and can't get outta here at least not for now, so why not. You're just a dumb diary. You can't talk, you have no feelings and you can't reply me. And it makes me feel very stupid. When I come back home and tell Julius that I met dinosaur-sized slugs and me talking with birds or a book, he will think I’ve gone insane and really need a therapy. He would never believe me.

That's all you have to know for now. You know all the background information. All the crap which happened to this point of time called 'present'. I’m curious to see that museum tomorrow. Until then...bye, I need to get some sleep.


Chapter 2: *COMING SOON*
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Alice in Miscria - Attack of the Nanaslugs! Chapter 1 - Deja Vu
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