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 Alice in Miscria - Attack of the Nanaslugs! Prologue - Life Breaks

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PostSubject: Alice in Miscria - Attack of the Nanaslugs! Prologue - Life Breaks   Sat Dec 26, 2015 4:32 pm

Exclamation DISCLAIMER:This story includes tons of graphical language, excessive violence and a tiny bit erotic stuff too. All of this is purely fictional to make the characters act more realistic in both their attitude and behavior, nothing of it is intended to harm real life people and I asked for approval from the Admins/Moderators of this forum before I submitted this. If you're scared of blood and gore or feel very offended by cussing you should NOT read the story. Exclamation



Could you imagine of being part in a movie? Well, it actually happened to me. You think you got a normal life like everyone else but with a single footstep everything changes. Everything, no exception. I thought I perfectly know the world I am living in, but I have been completely wrong. There are so many places we still don't know. So many places full of new life and stuff you’ve never seen before. It is hard to realize….and I can't believe really why I'm still alive. How I survived all this. It all started with that damn car crash......

Sydney, in one of those super big hospitals. Several policemen were standing around my bed when I woke up, all of them babbling questions but I couldn't understand what they were all saying. I felt like I lost my ears and my head was almost killing me.

"Are you fine, Mrs. Cannedy?“ One of the policemen whispers.

"What happened?"

"You have been involved into a car crash."

"Oh God. My brain had a serious malfunction, eh? Where is Mom? And Dad?''

"...They...I'm sorry."

And I felt like I passed away in that moment. It was like I lost my own life. I didn't know what to do. There was just me left now, and Julius. You know, he was something like my best friend. We met up first at the orphanage when we both have been really young.
I couldn’t stop crying, my mind was kinda gone when I was free to go home, so Julius did all the planning with the funeral as all the feelings kept overwhelming me over and over. That wasn't self-evident because he is not healthy himself, at least not physically. He got a critical muscle atrophy and his life is made by his wheelchair. Still, he is helping me. That's what I call a good friend.
I never had any other friends than Julius. We both are....kinda different than other people. Julius never had any other friends than me because of his handicap and I...I don't know...I just have problems to trust people I think. I’ve always been more the type of lone wolf. All I need was him and my parents and I was happy.

My parents weren't my real parents actually. I have grown up in that orphanage my whole childhood. I was told that my real parents were very poor people and have given me away when I was a baby 'for my own best'. But I guess that was just a lie as I found out that they migrated to the UK and run a clothing store successfully, it was more likely that they simply didn’t want me but abortion must have been murder for them. I never had contact with them nor did they contact me so they’re nothing but strangers to me, living their own life.

It was similar with Julius but he was tossed because of his handicap. Kinda sad, he is a really nice guy. People who toss children like him deserve punishment…the fact that they’re still outside somewhere always makes me wanna puke. Well, at some point I can understand them. They had fear and fear costumes us the most out of all things.
Then my new parents came and picked me up. I was 15 in that time and I didn't want to go without Julius because I feared to loose my one and only friend. He had been 17. My parents also wanted to take Julius but we had a small house, too small for four of us. So we started searching in our neighborhood to find a family to pick up Julius from the orphanage. We had been successful and he moved into a house two streets away from my home. Now he is 27 and I'm 25, so this has been exactly 10 years ago.

After the funeral of my parents we moved together in my parents house as there was plenty of space now and it was ground even which makes it easier for Julius as well. Still I wasn't happy at all, everything reminded me of my past life.

"You lost your happiness..." Julius said and leaned forward in his wheelchair to hug me.

"Yeah...yeah…I know…"

"You should do a therapy. I can understand that the situation is so overwhelming and uncomfortable for you. It must be unbearable. I'm so sorry."

"I simply cannot any more."

"Cannot what?"

"Stay here."

And then he was calm for a while. After looking at me having the most shocked face ever, he took a deep breath and replied then. I just had to get out. The fresh air was calling me. There was a problem though….

"Maybe you're right. I don't want to force you to stay. You can go, I will take care of the house. Your....parents... surely didn't want to get it sold."

"You cannot pay it by yourself.“

"I'm sure my .....parents.... will help me."

I started crying slightly. After the accident I couldn't hear the word "parents" any more. Julius knew that and he tried to avoid that word but in fact sometimes it is just inevitable ya know. Had to breathe in and out for a few time and with a worried expression on my face I could finally go on. In fact he was right. My parents loved the house and put much work into it.

"And you are fine with that?"

"Yes, as long as you call me regularly. When will you be back?"

"I don't know. Maybe I will be away forever, maybe just for a week."

"Please visit me. I become too worried if you stay away for so long."

"You don't have to. I will be fine."

I didn't know where to go, I simply wanted to get some other place, let the thoughts pass, chill out, breathe in some fresh air. Sure, I don't want to leave Julius forever, still I cannot promise him anything as I don't know myself where my way gonna take me and how I gonna feel once I reached my unknown destination.
I've saved up a bit of money in case I'd be ever in such an endeavor, it was enough to buy an old Jeep and then my trip through Australia could start. I had no job, no future, so why staying at home? I wish I could have Julius with me but his family would be too worried and he would face too many problems. It was the right decision to go alone. Of course it hurts a bit deep in my heart.

My new life was in front of me. Julius' last words were "Goodbye, I will miss you, princess. Don't forget I'm always with you." And then I was away as fast as a lightning. I watched him waving and he waved until I saw his figure fading when I was riding downhill. He probably did until he saw me disappearing over the horizon.

At this point I couldn't imagine what would happen to me. All the danger awaiting me. All those strange things which would happen. Me, Alice Cannedy and the great adventure. But it all started the same. It all started with a motherfucking car crash.....

A deja vu. And I became Alice in Wonderland, literally.


Compilation thread:
Chapter 1:
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Alice in Miscria - Attack of the Nanaslugs! Prologue - Life Breaks
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