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 [CLOSED] How the game is getting worse

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Hammad Shahid
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PostSubject: [CLOSED] How the game is getting worse   Sat Nov 14, 2015 6:06 pm

Who the hell is running this game?

As if changing the rare miscrits' names to elite was not enough cheapness and unproffesional, and then making light miscrits have new elements wasn't broken according to what BBS made before, and changing the new forms of miscrits' skillset by 1% wasn't enough, BBS now is getting even worse. I will copy paste what I wrote on Miscrimania's Light Bubblegup Review video:

This game will DIE very soon! First they don't take the time to add some rock-ish illustration to the miscrit's evolutions. It's literally just water with a slightly different color. Then they don't take time to upgrade backlash, JUST EVEN A LITTLE BIT. Then they don't take time to make the multi element moves have two elements displayed by the skillbox (the water/earth moves should have that dual water and earth displayed next to the move but it only displays water!) Then the new dual element moves have NO earth in them! Hydro rock should have some rocks from somewhere but ITS THE SAME EXACT FRIKKING THING AS HYDRO!! Then they don't give moves good names. Crumbling shower is good but hydro rock and bubble rubble? Seems like you just put the two things together with no connection! THIS GAME WILL DIE VERY SOON! And now they are so lazy to create new crits they are making hybrid crits like blazerzap and dual element moves because they can't think of anything better!

Stop making the game so unprofessional BBS!! You are not making good miscrits illustrations or miscripedia lores! Just read blazerzap's miscripedia description/lore! IT SUCKS! That's more like the text you would put when putting blazerzap in the shop, not its miscrit description. Miscrit description should be more like "this miscrit was made from a powerful storm and is deadly to anyone who approaches it" etc. Not "check this crit out it is pretty powerful". Wtf?!?!

And then I don't know why but BBS changed the moves names into sucking names! Spark of invigoration to invigoration spark -.- Wtf?!? Makes no sense! They changed all 3 word or more moves into two words and a lot of those new names make NO sense when you read them! And sound horrible! Like a 1st grader's grammar.  What was the point of this? Who is running this game???
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[CLOSED] How the game is getting worse
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