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PostSubject: Admins - IMPORTANT   Wed Oct 14, 2015 6:24 am

Dear Admins,

I wanted to inform you that Saibat was abusing so I took appropriate actions and banned him. Before Saibat was Merk, I know that and he went against ToS and you made him directly an Admin before any test or anything! I always do what's right and I have been made a moderator again. So now, I have to give 2 weeks test for Test Admin, then again a 2 weeks test for Admin. I guess if this continues anyone in my place would considering quitting as a better option. You didn't Ban Merk also, instead, you made him an Admin. I'm not being rude. I just wanted you guys to know that what you are doing is totally wrong. I hope admins you understand that being Partial to Merk was very wrong. I can clearly see partiality being happening on this forums. I know that you aren't banning Merk as the number of people are less but if you do this right now, it would eventually lead to a great fall of this forum in the near future. Not banning Merk and making him instantly admin while doing the exact opposite with me. I don't like this at all. I was just pressing delete button if you weren't banning Merk but you said that he's banned and lied to me. I just want you guys to do what's right and not be impartial. If that goes on, everyone who abuses will be admin and those who don't will be removed with their posts and have to give 4 weeks tests. So, everyone would quit.

Thank you, I hope you admins read this carefully and understood what I was trying to say,
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