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 Shop update 02 october 2015

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Mad about himself Notch admin
Mad about himself Notch admin

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PostSubject: Shop update 02 october 2015   Sun Oct 04, 2015 9:36 am

Hello everyone!

Admin dradon is here with a new shop update, so let start with recommendation of the week:

1.Light heylon (199 gems). Light heylon is a powerful fire miscrits with 3 elite stats! He have a powerful 1 use only attack called Hell Mercy, it heal 20 health and it have a power of 40!

2.Light Oxo (249 gems). Light Oxo is the most expensive miscrits in this shop update, but also one of the most op miscrit in the shop for now, he have a powerful unlimited use attack called yeti breath and it have a power of 35! He also have to elite stats and three max stats!

3.Dark goldy (129 gems). Dark goldy or the djinn destroyer is probably the best miscrit that is in the shop, he can heal over time, do damage over time and negate his weakness. He is also not expensive and can do tons of damage!

Now let go on the miscrits you must, you might might be surprised or not:

Dark goldy (129 gems), it was hard to choose because light blazebit is also a pretty good, but expensive. Dark goldy is our choice because of the incridible power that he have and he is also popular in the arena!

thanks for reading!

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Shop update 02 october 2015
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