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 arena update 28 september

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Mad about himself Notch admin
Mad about himself Notch admin

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PostSubject: arena update 28 september   Mon Sep 28, 2015 7:13 pm

Hello everyone,

this is admin dradon with a new arena update

since it the first one, let me explain how it work:

We will alway start with what is worth in that new update, since that lot of people think that are alway bad thing, after we will go on the prize

So let start with the good loot you can have this week in the arena:
Sunfall arena have this week the quartex crystal relic, a pretty good relic that give confuse immunity to your miscrits, pretty useful in platinum arena, but you have to sacrifice 11 of your precious physical and elemental attack. You need only 5 win to have it this week.
You can also have 10 miscrits gem for 20 battle, it a perfect occasion to gain some if you want a miscrits that you only like 10 gems.

Now let go to the volcano arena, this week you can have the frost root, again it pretty useful in platinum arena since it give sleep immunity, but you also loose 11 of physical and elemental defense, like in the other arena, it for 5 win!
You can also get 10 miscrits gems for 20 win, so you can gain a total of 20 gems this week, pretty nice!

now let go on other reward!

This week you can have an original pack (30 wins) in the sunfall arena, maybe you will get a good elite miscrits?
Also, this week you have the great volcano pack that you can get in the volcano arena (30 wins), I see lot of people getting elite miscrits from those, maybe you will be the lucky one?

I almost forget a thing, for 10 win in both arena, you can get 5 platinum

thanks for reading!

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arena update 28 september
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