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 A Miscrian Adventure (Chapter 13-24)

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PostSubject: A Miscrian Adventure (Chapter 13-24)   Sun Jan 10, 2016 2:01 am

Chapter 13
Another day in Miscria. As always, it's time to head over to the arena. I entered like 15 fights and I won a good 12 of them. The arena master even gave me 10 Miscrit Gems and an Original Miscrit Pack. Apparently if you win a certain amount of battles you get bonus rewards! She said that this week's grand prize was a Light Blazebit for 25 wins but that's not why I came here. I'm here to train. And not long after, my Miscrits were already level 23! It was time. Nature Elementum. It's time to get your butt kicked. The next day, I headed out to the Miscrian Forest.
"Oh, look. It's you again! Having fun?" Forest Guard! Come on! That was already a week ago! Just forget about it. There's more important things to do like give me advice on how to defeat this Elementum than just keep mocking the guy who's supposed to save Miscria! I ignored him. I just went into the forest. I don't care what he says. I might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer or whatever but at least I try! Let's see who's laughing once I defeat Apollo Nox. I bet he'll even be begging for mercy! But for now, I'm just gonna ignore him.

Chapter 14
Walking into the Miscrian Forest, I actually felt confident even though even though I had no idea how the Elementum looked like or how much damage he does but no matter what I was supposed to save Miscria and time is running out.
I thought I had defeated all the bosses in the Forest except the Elementum but of course, a few Magicites deceided to stop me. Oh come on! Did you even see how hard I rekt the other Magicite Guy? Well they're persistent in stopping me, I'll give them that, but seriously, you don't want to mess with me and my team, especially my Helyon who looks like a beast! Needless to say I won the two Magicite battles with ease. And it was time, it was finally time. My first Elementum. It may be the easiest one, but I need to start somewhere. After passing what the locals call the Elder Tree, I met a Scholar. He told me the exact location of the Elementum and even gave me some tips.
"Debuff moves are very useful when it comes to defeating the Elementum. She is quite weak if you debuff her defences enough," he said.
"Good luck!"
When I first saw the Nature Elementum, I was like HOLY CRAP she is HUGE! She was even taller than some of the trees! This wasn't going to be easy. But I didn't care. I just sent out my Elite Turkniss and started battling.

Chapter 15
The Nature Elementum got the first move but since my first Miscrit was a fire, she had to use Photosynth. Which was good, well, not really but it's better than an attack. Remembering the Scholar's advice, I started to lower the Elementum's defence. To be honest, the Elementum wasn't as hard as I expected. His attacks did only like 30 damage. But I got to admit, Nature's Cry was so cool! After debuffing his defences by around 45, I started to attack him. To my surprise, I almost killed him! He was hanging in there with only 24 health remaining. But then he used a healing move called Life. And believe it or not, he gained back all his health! I know if I was going to defeat him I needed to one-shot him or he'll just keep healing. Another debuff. Now -53 Defences. And Helyon did it! The final blow, one hit KO. Insta-kill. Whatever you want to call it. I did it. As the Elementum's lifeless body started to disappear, a seed-like thing dropped down onto the ground. It was glowing. I had no idea what it was I decided to bring it to the Miscrian Scholar. Walking out of the Forest, the Forest Guard saw me. I was pretty sure he was gonna make a mean comment but when he saw what I was holding, he immediately shut up. It felt good. I knew I shouldn't get too cocky but it felt good.
"What? Run out of things to say?" He didn't reply. And I had no time to wait for his *great* comeback. I had to figure out what this thing was. I walking over to where the Scholar hangs around all day. But something was different. One of the poles. It was glowing!
"What the..."

Chapter 16
"What the heck is happening?!"
"It's it obvious?" he replied immediately.
"Isn't what obvious?"
"You've defeated the Nature Elementum. And now you've released the Essence of Nature! Do you have it?"
"It this it?" I asked, showing him the thing I got from the Elementum. "Yes," he said, taking it and placing it on one of the tall poles around him. "When all the essences have been released, they will reveal the secret location of Apollo Nox! Now that you've defeated the Nature Elementum, it's time for you to travel to Volcano Island and defeat the Water Elementum. Good luck!"
"Where exactly is..." I didn't get to finish my sentence before he said, "Go to the beach and take the boat."
"Okay." I walked over to Sunfall Shores and found a boat captain.
"Hey! Ed! Want to travel to Volcano Island?"
I got on the boat and we headed off to Volcano Island.
An hour later, we had arrived in Volcano Island. A whole new town. New places! New places to explore!
Come on, now is not the time! I need to find where the Water Elementum is and kick his big butt all the way to the moon! As always, it's time to act like a foreigner and ask the first person I see.
"Hey, umm. Do you know where I can find the Water Elementum?" I asked.
"Yes, he's in the Miscrian Jungle!"
"Is he hard to beat? Like, I have no freaking clue how hard he's gonna kick my ass."
"He's harder than the Nature Elementum but easier than the Earth Elementum. Got it? Good. Now go save Miscria, Ed! We're all counting on you!"
We're all counting on you! She said that like I was Miscria's only hope. The pressure. I had to win. If I lost, well, I couldn't even think of what would happen to everyone, what would happen to Miscria, what would happen to all the Miscrits.
My goal isn't to get out of this game. I was brought here for a reason. And that is to save Miscria. And that's what I'll do. No matter what it takes.

Chapter 17
As I walked into the jungle, I took a moment to appreciate the scenery. "This place looks so much better than the Forest!" Well just like any other place, there had to be Magicites guarding the place. How much does Apollo Nox pay them to literally just stand there all day waiting for a person to come?! It's okay, I'll put them out of their misery. By now, my team was nearly level 30 and they were as ready to save the world as I was. I usually ignored any Miscrits along the way because I'm no collector and I have no time to capture every single Vipard out there and because my team was already pretty epic. I just walked over to the first Magicite. "Welcome to Volcano Island, Ed! I hope you're ready to fail miserably and go back crying for your mommy!"
"We'll see about that," I said. He had no idea how hard I freaking wrecked that Nature Elementum. Let's see who's crying after I defeat you.

Chapter 18
"Blazerzap! Finish him!"
And just like that, he was defeated. I was going to say something clever like 'Who's cring now?!' but it was getting dark and I was pretty tired after that boat ride. I returned to Volcano Island and started finding a place to stay. Walking past the Items and Relics Shop, I saw a house nearby. And I almost fell into the water when I saw my name on the wall. THEY BUILT TWO HOUSES FOR ME! Oh my God, I was so shocked. They must be really serious about this prophecy to build two houses for me. Especially this one, which had two floors! One for me and one for all my Miscrits! I wan't going ot complain. I was really tired. You know, I wonder whether the Magicites sleep at all. What if I came at night, would they still be there? I didn't want to find out. I was so sleepy I could barely walk! Well, good night Miscria!

Chapter 19
"Good morning, world and all who inhabit it!"
Yet another day in the world of Miscria. Well it's time to go, I guess. As I walked out of my house, I noticed someone standing by my door.
"Hello stranger," he said.
"Who are you?" I asked.
"I am a traveler from a long distance away, I am here to help the right people." What does he mean by the right people?
"How?" I asked.
"I bring unique Miscrits from my land, Aerobia. They are far more powerful than the Miscrits found on this side of the world," he replied.
"Can I have one?" I asked, hoping to get one of them.
"Sure, here you go. Her name's Boneshee. Enjoy! Good luck on saving Miscria!"
Wow. A free Miscrit. Just like that. Thanks mysterious stranger! I've gotta admit she looks really awesome and his skin is a bit transparent, kinda looks like a ghost even. Hey, what am I doing?! It's almost half past nine! I better get going. I left in a hurry and ran towards the Miscrian Jungle.

Chapter 20
"You must be the pathetic Ed!" the Magicite said.
"Oh yeah? How you even seen what I did to those other Magicites?!"
"Oh those noobs? They couldn't even crush a Slithero! Whatever, enough chatting. If you're really persistent on saving Miscria..."
"What I'm saying is that you don't have to fight us. It would be such a waste for a person like you to be wasting your time doing all of this. You have so much potential. Come on, Ed! Think about it."
"You're just trying to trick me!" I said.
"I would never tell a lie! Come on, Ed! What do you think would happen if you saved Miscria? Be worshiped? Be praised? Be remembered eternally as the savior of Miscria? No! Over time, you will be forgotten. Everything you've done. You would be nothing but a legend. Nobody will remember you!"
"This isn't true!"
"It is. You see, I, myself, saved Miscria once. They said I was prophecised to be the savior of Miscria. After saving Miscria, I found out that just like any other time that Miscria needed saving, they made up a prophecy of a random person, wipe that person's memory and put him in the forest. And how did they thank me? They didn't. Over time, I grew angry. Furious even. Whenever Miscria needed saving, they just acted. Acted like that person was their only hope. And the previous person who saved Miscria would just be forgotten. And if you tried to talk about it, everyone would think you're crazy! I eventually had enough. I was done helping them. When Apollo Nox threatened Miscria, I was the first who signed up to be a Magicite."
"I... I... I still don't believe it!"
"You see that house over there? The one you are staying in?"
"Yeah? Why?"
"That was the same house they've been giving to all the so-called 'saviors' of Miscria."
"I... I..."
"Join me, Ed. Before it's too late."

Chapter 21
I knew I shouldn't believe him but what if he was right? What if... all this... No. It can't be! All I've done for them! They wouldn't just betray me, would they? But then again, he could also be lying to me. Oh... What do I do?! I just stood there. Thinking. Wondering. Whether he could be trusted. Seventy percent of me wanted to follow him. Seventy percent. I was so stressed out I wanted to scream out loud. My mind almost wanted to go with him but I snapped out of it.
"Even i fall this is true. If I'm doomed to stay here forever, even if all this is fake... I am going to save Miscria. If it's the last thing I do."
He replied, "Fine. Don't listen. See if I care. When they backstab you, don't come running back to me saying I was right all along."
"Enough. Let's fight."
And just like that, I entered yet another Magicite battle.
"Elite Turkniss! Show this Magicite what you've got!" She did a decent 37 damage.
The fight was just like any other. One turn after the other. But at the end of the day, one person will emerge victorious.
Another victory. But now's not the time to celebrate. Water Elementum. I'm coming for you.

Chapter 22
As I walked towards the last Magicite, I saw something strange. It was a temple. In the forest! My curiousity got the best of me and I had to check it out.
"Hi, what's this building here?" I asked.
"This is the Miscrian Temple. It was built over two hundred years ago by the ancient Kunowaetzeep tribe. The Kunowaetzeeps were a very proud tribe. Every day, they would come out of this very temple and go fishing. They were also the tribe who founded the Enchanted Tiki Island which is still open to some people. This temple is not in the best of shape but is also very well guarded. You could even say it is a piece of Miscrian history! Anyway, I stand here as a proud descendant of Kuon-Rambei, the leader of the ancient Kunowaetzeep tribe. This story has been passed down for many generations. I can give you a brief tour if you want, Ed," she said.
"Umm... Sure!" I knew I had to keep defeating Magicites but I could go for a tour of Miscrian history.
"Follow me, Ed!"
We walked into the temple. When I first saw the inside, I realised that, just like she said, the temple was in really bad shape. Even parts of the floor had crumbled. I was starting to wonder if this place was even safe for walking on.
She led me downstairs then upstairs. She said we couldn't just jump because it was dangerous and because jumping would crack the floor.

Chapter 23
She led me into a sacred room called The Treasure Room.
"And here is the sacred Platinum Chest. This is the main reason why the Kunowaetzeep tribe prospered. Every so often, the Chest refills itself, bringing Platinum to every member of the tribe. This is why the temple is so well guarded. If this Chest fell into the wrong hands, well, it would just be a nightmare!" she explained.
It was almost four o' clock in the afternoon! I had to get going!
"Hey, umm, I gotta go. Bye!"
It was time for the next Magicite.
"Oh look what we have here. Come here often? Enjoy the scenery? Well, prepare to be defeated. For I, the Magicite Adept, has never failed before."
"You haven't failed. Yet."
"Enough. Let's fight!"

Chapter 24
One turn after the other, it seemed like it would be a close match! I was down to my last Miscrit and he still had like 39 health left. I have to win. I can't lose! Not today. I have a job to do. I have to save Miscria. And defeating the next Elementum meant I would be one step closer.
It almost killed him. Almost!
He had 1 health left. ONE FREAKING HEALTH POINT LEFT! My only hope is that he misses. But that was almost impossible!
"So long, Ed!"
I was so sure I was done for. Until...
He missed! Barely! This is my chance!
And he was defeated.
"I'm gonna be so fired! Curse you Ed!"
What he said next was just three whole minutes of curse words. I didn't care. I had to go. It was getting dark!
Water Elementum. I'm coming for you.
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Mad about himself Notch admin

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PostSubject: Re: A Miscrian Adventure (Chapter 13-24)   Sun Jan 10, 2016 11:11 am

yay! it out!
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PostSubject: Re: A Miscrian Adventure (Chapter 13-24)   Sun Jan 10, 2016 6:25 pm

You like it?
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A Miscrian Adventure (Chapter 13-24)
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