This is a Fan Forum of Miscrits where you can share your art, crit stats and get response from other Miscrians.
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 Elite Lumera

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PostSubject: Elite Lumera   Tue Dec 29, 2015 3:14 am

I know it might be terrible and a bit blurry but this is my first try at making some Fan Art.



ELEMENT: Fire/Water

LORE: One day while an explorer was wandering through the forest only to find a new breed of Lumeras. People are advised not to go near these beastly Miscrits as only one bite could lead to severe headaches, coughing and vomitting.

Max Health: Elite
Speed: Max
Elemental Defence: Strong Random
Elemental Attack: Max
Physical Attack: Strong
Physical Defence: Elite

SKILLSET (Evolution 1):
Level 1: Aqua Affinity - Buff (100% Accuracy, ED +5 PD +5, Enchanted +1 Buff)
Level 1: Steam - Dual Element Attack (100% Accuracy, 9 AP, Enchanted +1 AP)
Level 4: Soothing Flame - Sleep (60% Accuracy, Sleep 3 rounds, Enchanted +10% Accuracy)
Level 7: Blinding Fog - Debuff (75% Accuracy, -10% Accuracy, Enchanted +5% Accuracy)
Level 10: Obsidian Storm - Dual Element Attack (95% Accuracy, 14 AP, Enchanted +20% Chance to Wreck Havoc)

SKILLSET (Evolution 2):
Level 13: Complete Confusion - CC (55% Accuracy, Confused 4 rounds - Immune 2 rounds, Enchanted +10% Accuracy)
Level 16: Triple Smack - Physical Attack (90% Accuracy, 20 AP, Enchanted +20% Chance to Confuse)
Level 19: Firewater - Negate (100% Accuracy, Negates E. Advantage, Enchanted Heals 5 HP)

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Mad about himself Notch admin
Mad about himself Notch admin

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PostSubject: Re: Elite Lumera   Tue Dec 29, 2015 11:15 am

look so good, can't to see the rest!
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Elite Lumera
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